2015 Summer Wildlife and Adventure Camp For Children

Wildlife and adventure camp for children between 8 to 18 Years;

At Frolic Boonies children get an opportunity to explore wildlife and experience adventure at its best and return home re-energized for the next academic year. It is a place where fun and learning go hand in hand.

Its been a long year filled with study, study and more study
Would you care for a marvelous handshake with nature...are you ready?
Now that it is time to unwind, get up, go out and play. A splendid opportunity lies in wait

Curious about camp activities? Well...here's a sneak peek

A chance to dwell in bamboo huts or little tents
Breathe in the fresh air mingled with jungle scents
Pickup some crabs from their holes in the ground
Try to identify an animal by its sound
While you develop life skills and grow your instinct
Track an animal with its footprints so distinct
Watch a bird weave its sturdy nest
Catch a glimpse of wild life in their habitat at rest
A chance to observe nature at its very best
Trek deep into the woods so vibrant
Delve into the jungle buzzing with life yet so serene and silent
Sight a giant red squirrel hanging upside down
Smile back at the monkey that makes faces at you like a clown
Examine teeny-weeny bugs with magnifying lens
Something you shall find both amusing and intense
Enjoy the Jungle stream and fishes so fine
Go rafting in these waters surrounded by cool woods and warm sunshine
Throw in a net to catch fishes...a colorful dazzling lot
If you so choose, let them go free again...all the ones you caught
Exquisite little magnets for your fridge you can make
Later gather dry fire wood by the small lake
Now you are all set to cook your meal
One with a unique taste and feel
Explore the moon with a telescope as the night sets in
Or just stargaze and capture these wondrous moments within
Bond with other kids over these activities and campfire tales
Regale one another with stories of beings with feathers or tails
Indulge in a taste of melted chocolate as into shapes you mould
Just let your imagination take hold
Attract moths with forest honey and light
You shall realize its an amazing sight
Try your hand at the wheel of luck...give it a spin
A surprise gift you just might win

Well all these and a whole lot more
A beautiful world awaits for your child to explore Take a break from the virtual world of TV,
Tablets, gaming and smart phones this summer.
So wait no more and call us to register

Go ahead! Treat your child to a unique and fun filled experience they surely deserve One that also imbibes in them precious life skills to stay ahead of the curve.

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