Party Games

We play games related to wildlife and nature to bring children closed to nature and provide them an opportunity get more closer to nature.

Examples of games that we play during our camp .

Leaf / stone collection

Children are divided into 6 groups and each group is given 10 minuets to collect various shapes of leaves or stones of various textures.

Act like an Animal.

Campers are divided into two teams and each team will be given a card containing an animal name on it . the team members need to act out to other team members and help them find the correct animal the team represent .

Silly Symphony

The game leads into the discovery of melodious sounds that can be created by using the natural stuff in our environment.

Each team is given 15- 20 minutes to locate objects in nature that make a sound when rubbed together, banged together, or blown on,. Teams bring back their natural Musical instruments and play them together . The team that brings in the instrument that produces the best sound liked by most people wins .

All the above games are conducted for the children to understand and appreciate the beauty of nature and wildlife.

Children are made to play simple and fun games such as dumb Sharads, Tambola, Passing the parcel, Dog and the bone, Kabadi, Kho Kho, Treasure Hunt, etc and prizes given out on the last day. Every child is a winner and these games are designed in such a way each kid gets a chance to win. The traditional games like Kabadi, Kho Kho make the kids better team players.