Things to Pack

Compulsory Things that the kids need to carry with them to camp
  • Mudumalai / Kodaikanal - 6 Pairs of comfortable cotton clothes
    1. For Nature camps dull colored and clothes such green, brown, grey, mustard as are recommended. Bright colors such as red and orange need to be avoided.
    2. Make sure the clothing are extremely comfortable keeping in mind all the activities conducted at the camp
  • Blue jeans pants to be worn with the uniform t-shirt provided by Frolic Boonies on travel days.
  • 2 Track pants with t-shirts
  • Sweater / Warm clothing
  • Rain Coat / Umbrella
  • No short dresses for girls / shorts for boys
  • 2 Sets Night Wear
  • Enough under garments
  • Toilet kit (include sun screen and mosquito repellant)
  • Regular Medicine and instructions / extra eye glasses ( If the child uses any )
  • One pair of shoes that is suitable for trekking, and another pair of comfortable toilet footwear.
  • 2 Towels
  • Torch
  • Water bottle
  • Long Size Plain Note Book & pen
  • Bag to keep the used clothes. (Laundry service available only during emergency)
Optional Things that the child may carry:
  • Bird watching / wildlife books
  • Simple and easy to use Point and shoot camera (Please note down the make / model / serial number of the camera)
  • Binoculars suitable for bird watching / jungle safaris
Instructions for Parents
  • Please don’t send any Eatables, Valuables, Cash, Mobile Phone, Expensive gadgets with Kids.
  • Strictly no iPod / mp3 / music player / electronic games (These things will not let the child enjoy or participate in all activities conducted at the camp)
  • Label the clothes, toiletries and other items with a permanent marker for easy identification
Frolic Boonies Nature Camp for Kids will not be responsible for any loss of the items carried to camp. If participants are found with such items, the same will be collected and kept in camp safe and will have to be collected from our office at the last day of the camp. In case you wish to send money with your child for buying items like batteries, film rolls please hand over the cash to the camp manager. The balance cash will be handed over at the end of the camp with proper accounts.