Why Choose Us

  1. Wide range of fun filled activities to keep the children busy .
  2. Excellent Camp site full of wildlife and greenery attached to a stream.
  3. Blend of Nature, Science, Art and adventure camp
  4. Children get healthier. Our actives become a good exercise for the kids in the way they enjoy .
  5. They learn to live independently and do all their daily routine by them self and also help other campers.
  6. With our personality development classes they Learn Good morals and values. At the end of the camp they behave in a much better manner.
  7. Develop a Love towards Nature and learn to protect and conserve nature which is a must for every child to save our planet.
  8. Introduction to Aero modelling and sky watching / astronomy will help children choose a good career . Today’s passion tomorrows profession.
  9. Experienced instructors and a healthy camper to counselor ratio.